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Ciemmeci Fashion has been dedicated to the production of clothing in the luxury leather and fur sector for over twenty years.

Thanks to a large group of specialists, it searches for the best materials and draws on an extensive historical archive, to stimulate ideas and creativity.

It manages internally and in the utmost confidentiality all the processes aimed at the treatment and finishing of the leathers, to always guarantee the highest quality.

about us

Technology and craftsmanship

Ciemmeci was born in the nineties in Tuscany, near Vinci (FI), as a company specialized in industrial processing with Co2 laser, using the most sophisticated and exclusive techniques in the processing of fabrics and leathers for the fashion sector with precision processing, marking and customization . Over the years it has specialized both in all types of industrial leather processing, from dyeing with the most varied techniques, up to digital printing, and embroidery on numerical control machines, and in crafts such as pleating, studding and all manual applications. All this with a view to constant research dictated by the demands of fashion luxury. 


We love art as a stimulus for creativity.

Art together with technology and artisanal professionalism, attention to trends, are the ingredients of an exciting work, focused on constant research.

We start from the ideas to look for the most suitable materials to develop the models, passing through the creation of prototypes and samples up to production. 

We put our experience and our passion in the continuous search for new solutions, in all production processes, up to the final result, a luxury product. 


our experience

Industry and high craftsmanship

Each brand is followed with dedication and continuity by a specific work group able to coordinate and control the entire production chain, from the idea to its realization.


From an idea to a luxury product


Thanks to a large group of specialists Ciemmeci Fashion prepares an adequate research of materials draws on an extensive historical archive to stimulate ideas and creativity


The prototype starts from the pattern,
continues with manual cutting, for a careful selection of parts the selection of accessories with repeated checks in the utmost confidentiality until approval


The production process is of sampling
both of productions of any size always aims to guarantee the high quality craftsmanship
with strict control phases for any type of production up to shipment


Finishing and finishing of the leather

laser cutting and marking

thermo coupling

embroidery and quilts

digital printing

weaving and threading


dyeing and dabbing



I am attracted to matter, which I need to touch and transform.

Arnaldo Pomodoro

The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to the previous dimension.

Albert Einstein

Experience is the only teacher we can trust.

Leonardo da Vinci

But it is the essence of my research: it refers to my need to discover forms every day that I did not know before.

Mimmo Paladino


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