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For more than twenty years, leather and fur manufacturing for the biggest fashion brands


From laser processing to luxury fashion

Ciemmeci was founded in 1993 with the first industrial processing with Co2 laser on different types of materials: glass, paper, wood, leather, specializing in the development of the most sophisticated and exclusive techniques in processing fabrics and leathers for fashion.

Since 2004 we have moved from leather processing to the management of the entire production chain of leather and fur garments, or from the research of materials, to the definition of models up to prototypes, samples and final production, for the biggest fashion brands luxury.

Each phase of the processing, and above all each brand, is followed by a specific work group able to coordinate and control all the different work phases.


Craftsmanship, creativity,
technology, product care. Our research never ends, we take inspiration from the past to reinvent the present and bring something new into the future.


Art as a stimulus for creativity. We firmly believe in art as an inspiration to combine past, present and future. Beauty enriches the soul and makes us more open to experimentation.

Years of experience


Production facilities


Best Recycling

Ciemmeci is the first fashion company involved in Best Recycling by Hera Group. Separate disposal of leather, paper and cardboard, wood, plastic, metals, aimed at fertilizer production, particle board, paper, foundry material, energy recovery.


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