These processes are performed in our facilities to maintain absolute confidentiality

high craftsmanship industry

From the treatment of leathers to the most various types of artisanal and industrial processes

laser cutting and marking

This technology guarantees extraordinary decorative results, during the laser marking process the structure of the material on which it is applied is modified; therefore the decorative effect is precise and uniform even in the case of complex and articulated designs or very small geometric shapes. 

digital printing

Digital technologies allow you to print with great quality on many types of leather and fabric.

dyeing and dabbing

Washing, dyeing and spray buffering are among the most common methods of dyeing leather.

thermo coupling

The thermo coupling allows a definitive and durable fixing of leathers and fabrics. It also allows the replacement of the common seam, ensuring minimum thicknesses.

weaving and threading

The weaving and threading make it possible to create games of inlays with strips of leather of various types and thicknesses in search of surprising optical and material effects.


The pleating of various kinds and sizes is carried out on leathers and fabrics through the use of cardboard molds and a steam oven.

embroidery and quilt

Embroideries and quilts are made by multi-head machines programmed according to the requested graphics.


The application of studs and rhinestones is carried out through the use of pneumatic machines, presses, universal or customized plates.


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