From an idea to a luxury product


Thanks to a large group of specialists Ciemmeci Fashion prepares an adequate research of materials draws on an extensive historical archive to stimulate ideas and creativity

    • Art as a stimulus for creativity
    • From an idea to the study of materials
    • Selection of the best raw materials
    • Development of the pattern
    • Cutting
    • Accessories selection
    • Prototype realization


    The prototype starts from the pattern, continues with manual cutting, for a careful selection of parts the selection of accessories with repeated checks in the utmost confidentiality until approval.


    The production process is of sampling both of productions of any size always aims to guarantee the high quality craftsmanship with strict control phases for any type of production up to shipment.

    • Samples
    • Catwalks
    • Production
    • Shipping


    From prototype to sample

    what is virtual prototyping?

    It is the development of the digital model, a real virtual prototype on which to make all the desired changes; making use of these technologies means greatly speeding up the entire production process, as well as having the opportunity to see the model, and take care of it in detail, before the final creation and packaging steps.

    what is fitting for?

    The fit tests on the first prototype make it possible to remove all imperfections and make any changes requested by the customer. To check the fit of the garment, we use models chosen according to the type of garment or the target audience.

    how does the creation of a prototype happen?

    The first garment is evaluated to check materials and accessories and think about how to deal with any new details (not always visible on the digital model), check the fit, or identify any problems, in short, all the useful precautions to improve the garment before its production. .

    how was the first sample born?

    The prototype approved for production represents the sample garment, the one on which the sample is made. On the basis of the final orders, the required changes are made to obtain the sample approved for mass production, in the various sizes. 


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